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Get Tickets to "Holden On"!

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death in American teenagers today. That's a scary statistic. As part of May's Mental Health Awareness month, on May 16th at the James Earl Rudder High School Auditorium in Bryan, award-winning nonprofit Project Unity is sponsoring an important narrative, "Holden On," for the community to see at no charge. 


This movie depicts the real-life story of a young man from Atlanta, and factors what drove a young man to have "everything going for him" to take his life. We see life through Holden's eyes and through the eyes of his best friend Zinte, portrayed by College Station native, actor Steve Ellis--it's powerful and moving in this  important film. Tickets are free, but you must register online at!!

Our Mission

Project Unity aims to empower and strengthen our community by caring for its people, supporting and educating its families, and fostering hope and change in the lives of all involved.



"After taking Parenting Wisely I understand more that our children are our responsibility, and that this is only the beginning of a fresh start. Our family is truly blessed to have known Project Unity." 

"Parties whose visitation was being supervised [at Safe Harbor] have reported to me that they were treated courteously and professionally."

"They treat you with respect."

"When I need them they are there."

"Helpful staff."

"The staff and how they treat me."

"I like the services that Project Unity provides and how the staff responds to my needs and requests."

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Texas Families Together and Safe

Cindy Miller

Honorable Judge 

Family Law Associate Court

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

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