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Project Unity aims to empower and strengthen our community by caring for its people, supporting and educating its families, and fostering hope and change in the lives of all involved.


We are honored to be able to provide these services at no cost to our clients. There is need greater than any of us dare to imagine, right here in our own community. By providing these services to the Brazos Valley, we are continuously seeing stories of human suffering turn into stories of human triumph...

and that is what we are all about!

CEO/President Jeannie Mansill & VP/COO Ella McGruder

A note from our CEO/President Jeannie Mansill:

“One former staff member called me the heart of the organization and Ella the soul. Together, we lead the Project Unity organization. What makes Project Unity work is the genuine respect we both have for the human race. Ella and I just love to help people…period.”

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Statistics Show...



52,345 confirmed victims of child abuse in the state of Texas



22.6 percent poverty rate in the Brazos Valley



94,106 people are living with HIV

in Texas

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