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About Us

Project Unity exists to prevent child abuse and neglect; this is the central focus of every program and service we provide.

Having seen a need in 1995 Jeannie and Ella joined forces to be a part of eliminating child abuse, child neglect and overall poverty in the Brazos Valley.


“One former staff member called me the heart of the organization and Ella the soul. Together, we lead the Project Unity organization. What makes Project Unity work is the genuine respect we both have for the human race. Ella and I just love people…period.”

We provide the services to help people living with HIV or aids receive medication, A couple with children may split or divorce when the other lives with these conditions resulting in a parent not being able to see the child who may think the Parent is neglecting her.

"Ella and I just love to help people... Period"

Single Parents are graduating off government assistant and now independently looking after their family. With all the stresses that come with not being able to provide for your family it can can cause a parent to easily anger and start unintentionally abusing a child out of that frustration.

We provide non-custodial parents the opportunity to visit their children preventing the child from thinking they are neglected.

These are just a couple of our programs but stories like these come through our offices every day and we are so honored to be able to see the human suffering stories turn in to human triumph stories, this is what we are all about, seeing lives changed through preventing child abuse and neglect.

Statistics Show...


26.4 percent poverty rate in the Brazos Valley


378 confirmed victims of child abuse in the Brazos Valley

(7.7 per 1,000 children 0-17)


363 cases of HIV in the Brazos Valley

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