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About Us

         Working 19 years side by side day in and day out, you would think we would get tired of each other. Or, we must have a “soul” connection that rises above office politics and makes everyday that we work together sweeter and sweeter. Well, it is the latter. One former staff member called me the heart of the organization and Ella the soul. Together, we lead the Project Unity organization. What makes Project Unity work is the genuine respect we both have for the human race. Ella and I just love people…period. We want to take the time to hear their story. We want to help when all hope is lost. We want to walk with others in their human struggle and put our minds and hearts together to help solve problems. Almost every day, I see Ella get up from her desk and go to the utility company, someone’s home or somewhere else because a school principal, a city employee, or another agency has called asking for our help in a crises situation. 


         Ella and I celebrate everything! We celebrate the daily successes in people’s lives. A home that now has heat. A man that is now able to work. A young Texas A&M student recently diagnosed with HIV now has caring staff surrounding him with medical and housing resources. A non-custodial parent now gets to visit his two year old daughter in our supervised setting. A single mother has graduated off government assistance and can independently take care of her children. A couple who was homeless now has temporary shelter. All of these beautiful stories of human suffering and human triumph happen daily at Project Unity. We are grateful our soul connection continues.


Jeannie McGuire & Ella McGruder:  The Project Unity "Soul" Connection