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Pregnant Belly

Brazos Healthy Communities’ program is committed to improving outcomes around patient care and reducing health disparities amongst pregnant women in their second pregnancy and beyond.


By utilizing a tool called Pathways, a Community Health Worker (CHWs) is able to identify and track individually modifiable risk factors, working towards eliminating those risks one by one.

Is Brazos Healthy Communities the right program for you?

Are you pregnant with your second child or more?

Struggling with depression, stress and/or anxiety?

Need assistance with:

  • Healthcare Coverage

  • Employment

  • Education Assistance

  • Transportation

  • Housing

  • Needing a medical home

  • Medication Assistance

  • Childcare Clothing


If any of these apply to you, we can help you for free!

What To Expect?

As a part of BHC, You will be partnered with a Community Health Worker(CHW) to:

Meet at least once a month

  • Identify the areas where you need support

  • Assist with care plan implementation

  • Work with community resources to provide support for your various health and social needs

What is Your Role?

  • Be engaged in the process

  • Be open and willing to make health and/or social changes

  • Help your CHW define priorities and goals to address

  • Commit to a regular schedule for home visits with your CHW

What is a CHW?

A CHW is a Community Health Worker.


Each of our CHW's is a trusted individual who will contribute to improve health outcomes. Your CHW will have a close understanding of the community they are serving and can be your voice to serve as a liaison between health/social services as well as other individuals within the community.

How To get help?

For more information about our free services or to begin receiving services from Brazos Healthy Communities 

please fill out an interest form

or contact Project Unity at:

O: (979)595-2900 x 6012

C: 979-599-3992

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